Achva cockpit

Achva cockpit

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The Israeli LGBTQ+ Student Association (Ha’Achva) powered by the National Union of Israeli Students, by The Aguda - the association for LGBTQ equality in Israel and by Perach- a national program for social impact.
The Student Association provides a roof structure and infrastructure for the organization (office location, budget, job titles, use of technological tools - Drive, Domain, Zoom, etc.), while PERACH provides volunteer students with a number of hours per week in exchange for a scholarship. The organization has two paid employees and the rest of the team are volunteers, which creates a high turnover of personnel, almost renewed every year, with no consistency from year to year, according to the managers. ¾ only stay for one year.
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"Volunteer life cycle"
The onboarding stage - at the beginning of the year, each volunteer begins their onboarding process by filling out a number of forms and uploading them to Google Drive along with other documents.
The working stage - filling out feedback, activity reports, attendance reports, and task confirmation by their supervisor (read the document, read through Google Sheets, etc.).
The completion stage - handover file - Every coordinator/area manager etc. overlaps with the incoming person for the role through a handover file that is saved on the drive (not updated, not saved in the correct place, not consistent).
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What is the problem and its effects?

This is about dozens of people each year who participate in the organization's activities throughout the year. Most of them will not continue their participation in the following year. Volunteers give a limited number of hours to the organization in exchange for a scholarship, and it is not reasonable to expect them to switch to unique and inaccessible systems (for example, accessible tools such as Google, Zoom, and WhatsApp are available and familiar to everyone). Communication among volunteers is mainly conducted through WhatsApp and Zoom meetings, except for webinars.
Managing a system with such a large number of people is cumbersome, inconsistent, and disorderly. Many things can fall between the cracks if there is no order, organization, and continuity on a large scale.
Organization of documents and processes at a high scale: During the year each volunteer upload files, reports, sheets to the drive. (Filling out feedback, activity reports, attendance report, task acknowledgment by his supervisor). Difficulty for the supervisor to make sure that tasks are done: read the document, fill out Google Sheets 80 people manage documents with different permissions for each document and folder
  • A volunteer uploaded a form to his drive and not to the organization's shared drive, and only shared it.
  • An overlap file is not complete.
  • Forms for registering volunteers combine filling out and saving.
  • The supervisor has difficulty verifying that tasks are being completed: reading the document and filling out the Google sheets.
  • Checking attendance, mandatory days, whether training has been completed, whether a document has been read (marking with "V" in one place)
  • Filling out evaluation feedback.

Current state

Google docs, use of google sheets and forms. A big mess in drive, There is no ability to keep track of everything on scale, continuity challenge. Difficulty for the supervisor to make sure that tasks are done: read the document, fill out Google Sheets. 80 people manage documents with different permissions for each document and folder

Proposal for solution

The main problem is volunteers management. Organized platform: It is necessary to create an organized platform to manage all the documents and activities of the volunteers and ensure that all volunteers use it. This platform should include forms, reports, feedback, and processes, and ensure that it is accessible to everyone.
The solution will answer this issue by providing simple and easy UI Dashboard. To get there there are three sub-tasks to do:
Google drive order
Dedicated CRM or/and Integration with Monday
UI Development for volunteers management
  • A similar route for every volunteer, tasks, hours. Using a fixed email that goes through every year
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Organizational Structure - Tree - More easy permissions management
  • Volunteers receive organizational emails and must use them, not sure that in practice this is what happens
  • English challenges
  • Not all documents are under the organization's domain
  • Use of google sites (vpn?)
  • A system for managing volunteers, tasks, documents includes analytics and insights
  • Integration with whatsapp

Metrics for success

  • See volunteers by segmentation (location, seminar participation, etc. - filters)
  • Sees a volunteer's progress (gantt?)
  • Creating a distribution list by segmentation? (Everyone who did not send a seminar form etc)

Technical requirements

  1. ‘volunteer life cycle’ management
    1. Volunteers lifecycle definition - milestones/tasks
      Researching and Choosing suitable “CRM” tool
      “Profiler” CRM Implementation - Every volunteer has a profile (details, locations, assignments) - like Moodle in university
      • Volunteers have association by role (admin, location manager, minion etc)
      • There are milestones (tasks) for each role (pre-configured) so each volunteer has some “roadmap” of yearly path.
      • Link to relevant folder in drive
      • Once volunteer did his task (attended the seminar, make an event, filled the form) the roadmap updated
  1. UI - Dashboard cockpit
    1. General Dashboard cockpit for admin The admin has overall view and may be some statistics and metrics
      Research for appropriate tool (google sites/Monday capabilities/ frontend development)
      Integration and UX
      If we have time may be some BI and metrics
  1. Supplementary task - Monday account settings and adjustment.