Campaign for Homophobic Behavior Report

Campaign for Homophobic Behavior Report

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Information about the Org: HaAguda Le’maan Ha’Lahatab Be Israel - known commonly as the Aguda, is an Israeli non-profit LGBT rights organization; They provide a range of professional services such as mental support, legal counseling, family mediation, assistance to refugees and immigrants, and assistance to any victim of discrimination or hatred on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Aguda focuses on three main sectors:
  1. Social and legislative impact
  1. Individual’s rights and services
  1. LGBTQ Localization
As part of the second sector, the Aguda offers LGBTQ-Phobia Report Center
The Aguda National Report Center, named after Nir Katz, offers assistance to anyone who has been harmed by discrimination, transphobia, hatred or harm based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The report is done through a form in which a member can decide whether to report anonymously, or directly.

What is the problem and its effects?

The main problems with the LGBTQ-Phobia Report form are discoverability and usability;
People are either not aware of it (exposure), and when/if discovered, the motivation to report cases is relatively low (motivation/mindset/message/not convinced of the impact)

Current state

Beyond assisting with reported cases both legally and personally, the center collects data on all LGBT-phobic incidents and every year produces a report that presents the extent of the phenomenon of LGBT-phobia, the issue, and the methods of treatment in the various cases. In each of the reports, apart from data such as the types of incidents , their severity, geographical distribution and more, you will also find a spotlight on various topics.

Proposal for solution

Service Awareness and the importance of reporting via a Video Campaign or using any other contextual and marketing tools to improve exposure and usage;
  • We got limited resources BUT we got examples of the yearly reports, website content, IG and FB content
  • Preferences: Mobile and Desktop view

Metrics for success

Increase number of reported cases via the form that actually represent the hatred frequency in reality.

Technical requirements

  • Video Editing
  • Social Media/ Ads
  • Content writing
  • Campaign creation experience
  • Please Note: The most important thing about this project is to have a running and clear campaign: there is of course TONS of room for creativity, acting, anything that comes to mind - but this should be the order of priority - thanks 🙂