Queer Women Hackathon

The Dykeathon is a highly-anticipated, annual event that brings together the LBTQ+ tech community with the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, with the aim of developing innovative tech solutions that benefit our community. The event is organized by a super-group of LBTQ tech workers, that volunteers from the LGBTQ+ TLV center, who are passionate about the power of innovation, tech, and community to drive positive change.
Every year, the Dykeathon takes place just before Pride Month events, allowing us to focus on the most pressing issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.
The Dykeathon is an ideal gathering place for exceptionally talented and innovative queer women. It is an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and work together towards a common goal. Whether you are an experienced tech professional or new to the field, the Dykeathon welcomes everyone who is passionate about making a difference.
So, if you are looking to be a part of a dynamic and innovative community, the Dykeathon is the perfect place for you. Join us and be a part of something truly special!
About previous events
  • 2022 event hosted in unity (formally IronSource) offices and 100 participants got to know 4 major issues of the LBTQ community: Safety \\ Legal \\ Community IRL \\ Health, and created MVPs for products that facing those problems.
  • 2023 event hosted in microsoft reactor space, and had 200 participants on board for solving the biggest problems of LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations, and creating a production ready tools for the organizations to implement in their day to day activities to make it more effective.
  • 2024 event will be hosted in the new LGBTQ+ TLV center new building! We are expecting it! Want to be on the organizers team? Tell us about it: info@dykeathon.com
Want to assist with the Dykeathon’s planning and organization? Let us know at: info@dykeathon.com.

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2023 - Projects and teams

Before the event, we will match product managers with LGBTQ+ C-level managers to develop the best tech solutions for their organization. By the end of the event, we will implement ready-to-use products specifically designed to achieve an X10 increment of activities, visibility and impact of the LGBTQ+ organizations in Israel.

🥇 Bet El-Mem لبيت الميـــــــم

  • About: لبيت الميـــــــم is an organization for Arab LGBTQ+ community in Israel. With a focus on their unique needs, this association led by Arab individuals and staffed with Arabic speakers, aims to provide a safe space and comprehensive services. By addressing the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of their lives, the organization will empower and strengthen the community. Through public visibility and awareness initiatives, the organization will challenge societal norms, promote understanding, and provide a crucial resource for navigating LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Team: Areen, Shinan, Lior, Liron, Sharon, Sofia
About the project: We improved and designed a beautiful open to all website with some needed positive arab content about LGBTQ+ Additionally, we built the foundation for a government TFA secured forum to help anonymize the organization’s participants inner chats

🥈 Maavarim - for the transgender spectrum

  • About: Maavarim for the transgender spectrum arose in 2014 from the burning need to organize and represent individuals across the transgender spectrum in relation to government institutions, the medical establishment, and society at large. The organization was established in response to the need to assist transgender people in navigating a cisgender society and accessing resources that are not tailored to us. It also arose from the need to amplify transgender voices in decision-making processes that impact us.
  • Team: Gil, Tamar, Hila,
About the projects:
We had 2 challenges to solve: 1 - Creating an anonymized analytics from the anonymized db for creating more significant data about the transgender community treatment 2 - Hatespeach social scraper will scrape twitter\facebook\etc once a day and annonce Maavarim to handle if there’s a new trend they need to know about.
Both projects havelly used GenAI and LLMs

🥉 Haguda for LGBTQ+

  • About: The Aguda for the LGBT+ Community in Israel, a pioneering organization in the Israeli LGBT+ community, is a national organization that leads the public struggle for LGBT+ rights, accompanies and nurtures local LGBT+ communities throughout the country, and provides support for every LGBT+ individual in any need.
  • Team: Tair, Maayan, Hadar, Hen, Shoval, Avigail, Gal, Noa, Ofir, Tehila
About the projects:
We had 2 challenges to solve: 1 - Optimize and raise awareness for the Nir Katz Reporting center, for collecting data about homophobic assaults, and treat them 2 - Creating an AI tool for analyzing parliament discussions to categorize whether or not it’s LGBTQ+ related - Heavily use in GenAI to decrease human monotonic work at 70% - GIT Repo


  • About: The LGBTQ+ TLV Center serves as a home for the LGBTQ+ community in Tel Aviv-Yafo and the surrounding area, providing a central framework for local LGBTQ+ initiatives and activities through initiative and social engagement, as well as offering services in the areas of community, culture, and assistance.
  • Team: Roni, Reut, Lior, Daniel, Yddo, Dana


  • About the organization: LGBT advocacy, promoting tolerance towards gay youth. Hoshen sends LGBTQ volunteer speakers to tell their story to students and educational staff. And give them tools to work with gender and sexual orientation diverse students.
  • Team: Noya, Elizabeth, Kim, Maayan, Shahaf, Lilach, Shani, Carmel, Limor, Adi


  • About: At LGBTech, we imagine a future where LGBT+ employees are able to bring 100% of themselves to work. We fight for diversity and inclusion for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer (LGTB+) people in the workforce by promoting public policy changes, working hand-in-hand with global and local companies, and supporting our community.
  • Leading the projects: Rita
  • Team: Mor, Dafna, Hagar

Achva - LGBTI Student's Association in Israel

  • About: The LGBTI Student's Association is a student-led organization that creates communities and operates in over 30 campuses throughout the country. Additionally, the organization operates a network of student housing communities and several national professional communities in the fields of medicine, education, and therapy. The organization is the home for proud students on campuses and creates a space for a socially equal, rights-driven, and tolerant LGBTQ+ community within academia. The organization is a joint initiative of the Association for LGBTQ+ Equality, the Student Union, and the LGBTQ+ student community in Israel and abroad.
  • Team: Lilach, Hilla, Johana

Gila project for Trans Empowerment

  • About: Gila Project for Trans Empowerment (Transgenders for Social Justice - NGO) was established in 2011 by and for the transgender community. We are a group of activists working towards changing the reality of life for societies and community members.
  • Team: Rotem
About the project:
We created a video campaign for Gila’s workplaces training program that uses GenAI for representing all kinds of gender fluidity

Shout out for our gold and platinum sponsors of 2023 event

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