Events on a map

Events on a map

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Organization
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Technical requirements
Create a live map of LGBTQ+ events
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Priority 1- low


The LGBTQ+ Center of TLV is a non-profit organization funded by TLV muni that focuses on delivering community events to its members.

What is the problem and its effects?

The LGBTQ+ center is organizing many events and activities.
There are also many activities that are been organized by others.
A live map that will show all the events near a specific destination can help people find the right activity and will increase participation in those events.

Current state

Currently, the events’ are been list on the center’s site.

Proposal for solution

Create a map, preferably on the current website, that will display all the relevant events that are been held at a specific time and place.
The user will be able to choose the required time (today, tomorrow, a specific time), location (current location or enter an address), and event type.
All the relevant events will be displayed on the map.
The LGBTQ+ center team will be able to add new events to the system.
Need to understand how the map can be integrated to the current webpage.
Integration with external events.

Metrics for success

Increase the number of participants in events by 10%.
At least 30% of the website users will use the map to look for events.

Technical requirements and detailed task list

Each event should include the following details:
  • Title
  • description
  • image
  • location
  • date
  • start time
  • end time
  • who is the target audience
  • free?
  • Accessibility for the disabled
Map view
The user will be able to search the map for events and filter specific dates and types of events.
The user will be able to click on a specific event and see all the event’s details
The user will be able to navigate to the event location using Google Maps
Management view
Users will be able to add an event
Users will be able to update an event
Users will be able to remove an event