HOSHEN - Let the AI write your personal story

HOSHEN - Let the AI write your personal story

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Organization
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HOSHEN - EDUCATION & CHANGE For the past 18 years, Hoshen has been advancing tolerance and understanding toward the LGBTQI community all over Israel. The central activity of Hoshen is the running of workshops and talks, in various forums in Israel: The education system, to students from grade 7 through to 12 and to educators from early learning until high school. The main method of Hoshen to promote familiarity and understanding of the LGBTQI community is called “The Personal Story Workshop”. In this workshop, members of the organization share with the crowd their own journeys regarding their sexual and gender identity, their struggles with them and their path to acceptance and happiness. The workshop contains other elements that are used depending on the age and needs of the audience. The workshops for educators, for example, include a talk about different sexual and gender identities and give professional tools to create a safe educational space for LGBTQI youth and their families.

What is the problem and its effects?

The process of becoming a Hoshen volunteer is quite long, about 3 months, and that’s mainly because there’s a bottleneck near the end of it, in the process of assembling your own personal story. Each year there are approximately 20 new volunteers that need to take a deep breath and dive back into their childhood memories. It’s an emotional process and Hosen’s got their best people walking beside them and doing the hard work. The problem is - It takes time to open up and remember stuff, it takes 2+ meetings to get the details and build a new story fit for high school, and it’s nearly impossible to set those meetings because there aren’t many story editors.

Current state

  • Volunteers are starting to think and work on their personal stories only at the end of the training.
  • All the already built-up stories aren’t online in a DB.
  • The stories are not ranked.
  • One volunteer = One story. They tell the same story to all the audiences.
  • The process of building a new story is analog.

Proposal for solution

  • Volunteers should start to think and work on their personal stories earlier.
  • All volunteers’ stories should be online and reachable, for research and inspiration purposes.
  • Create a dashboard (preferably that can work with Monday) to gather the already built stories and analyze them by age, geographic area, and sector - what are the most common words? events? cultural references?
  • Automate a basis for a personal story based on the gathered info.
  • Bonus: Create a rank system and rank the already-built stories. Pick selected parts (A repeating structure, meaningful / cultural event etc) from the best ones and turn them into workshops based on a personal story.
  • Maybe this process is not humane, letting a machine write your story
  • How do you rank stories and decide what’s good? working?
Once you start playing with this you can easily get sucked to find the most perfect prompt

Metrics for success

  • Did you put the volunteers’ stories online? All of Hoshen can read it?
  • Did we create a dashboard? It that can work with Monday?
  • Did we find the best prompt to automate a basis for a good personal story?
  • Bonus: Did we create a rank system? ranked the already built stories? picked selected parts from the best ones and turned them into workshops?

Technical requirements

Dashboard (web interface, preferably that can work with Monday’s DB):
  • Should be secured and grant access only to Hoshen employees
  • Displays the stories that we are analyzing
  • Ability to add more / remove personal stories to track
→ Front end (web interface):
  • Infographic of good personal story mount over time (2y)
→ Server end:
  • Bonus: Create a rank system and rank the already-built stories, pick selected parts
  • Automate a basis for a personal story based on the gathered info.
  • Analyze already built stories content and use AI to determine whether the content is good \ bad
  • [Already-built stories are stored in Monday’s DB]
→ A database (or something that can use Monday’s DB)