Improve work procedures for LGBTQ+ Center of Tel Aviv

Improve work procedures for LGBTQ+ Center of Tel Aviv

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The LGBTQ+ Center of TLV is a non-profit organization funded by TLV muni that focuses on delivering community events to its members.

What is the problem and its effects?

After analyzing their activities, it has been identified that one of the organization’s main pain points is the lack of a task management platform causes a lot of effort and time to move actions forward. Consequently, the organization is struggling to conduct events successfully, which results in a loss of time and money.

Current state

Currently, all communication and coordination between employees, volunteers, and suppliers at the centers are being done either via WhatsApp or Gmail.
In order to execute an event for any specific audience, the event owner is taking the following steps:
  1. As mentioned, all planning and ideation are done verbally over F2F, phone calls, WhatsApp or Gmail.
  1. Budget approval is granted during planning, either at the beginning of the year or on an ad hoc basis per event. The budget is managed through a Google Sheet, and approved by Ruby (head of the center).
  1. Event management platform: Coing.
  1. Features:
    1. Event information
    2. Event registration
    3. Payments
    4. Sub-communities management
    5. Downsides: Not very user-friendly, no search, basic analytics
    6. PR: copy & art is done by an external provider - “Case/Kis” and published over FB/IG/email
  1. Meetings are not being properly managed in most cases, and there are no meeting summaries being recorded.

Proposal for solution

The proposed product aims to provide a solution to this problem by providing a task management platform that can be used by all members of the organization.
The primary objective of the Task Management Platform is to provide a centralized platform for all members of The LGBTQ+ Center of TLV to manage their tasks and work progress.
The platform should allow members to create, assign, and track tasks, set deadlines, and communicate with each other.
Additionally, it should provide a visible calendar to all members to schedule and manage events effectively.
We must use Coing
The core team is struggling to keep a team rituals culture
The person of finance can only work with excel
Suppliers and other stakeholders are usually coordinating to email thread or WhatsApp groups

Metrics for success

  • Increase the number of events delivered by 20%.
  • Increase the number of participants in events by 15%.
  • Reduce the time invested from the idea to delivery for each event by 30%. Reduce the loss of money allocated for unsuccessful events by 50%.

Technical requirements and detailed task list

All team members are using google calendar.
In this case, it is easy to allow each member to see other members’ availability and schedule the meetings accordingly.
Notes should be taken during all meetings. Those notes will be saved in a dedicated folder in Google Drive.
Task: Use reals AI to create clear guidelines about how to perform those operations.
Group Drive
All relevant documents (meeting summaries, suppliers’ contracts, suggestions for new events, etc.) should be saved in the group drive.
  1. Open a group drive with access to all the team members
  1. Create relevant folders
  1. Create some relevant templates (e.g. meeting summary)
  1. Use reals AI to create clear guidelines about how to use the drive (how to share documents, assign a comment or a task to a person, grant permission for external users, etc.)
Task management
Task management should be done using a shared tool, to allow everyone to view the task progress, receive indications about their own tasks, and add notes and details.
There are a few free tools that can be used.
Trello seems to be a simple tool that can be used by to team.
Another option is creating some simple templates in google docs and using those to manage the tasks.
  1. Understand the basic needs and general examples of tasks that the team is dealing with.
  1. check and review some simple and free task management tools and choose the one that seems to be the best fit.
  1. Custom the chosen tool to fit the team’s needs (add relevant users, create relevant tables/templates)
  1. Add 2-3 tasks from the examples that the team will provide to the tool, with all the relevant details.
  1. Use reals AI to create clear guidelines about how to use the tool