Increase events relevancy

Increase events relevancy

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Organization
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Scrape social media for LGBTQ trends
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The LGBTQ+ Center of TLV is a non-profit organization funded by TLV muni that focuses on delivering community events to its members.

What is the problem and its effects?

The LGBTQ+ center is organizing many events and activities.
It is hard to know in advance which event will be a great success and which will be almost empty.
The team asked for ideas to help them focus on issues and event types that will bring more participants.

Current state

Currently, the events’ topics are chosen according to the “guess” of the team, and it is hard to know in advance which will be a great success and which not so much…

Proposal for solution

We propose a few ways to reach a better understanding of the community's interests and needs.
  1. conduct a review after each event, during which the participants will be asked to choose relevant topics for the next events
  1. web scraping of FaceBook and Instagram friends/followers, in order to understand what they are talking about
  1. Find on the social network people/pages that are followed by many people from the community.
We must use Coing for getting the participants’ details and probably to send the review.

Metrics for success

Increase the number of participants in events by 15%.
Reduce the number of unsuccessful events (events with less than 10 participants?) by 50%.

Technical requirements and detailed task list

Participants survey
One simple solution is to ask all participants in a specific event/activity to fill out a short survey at the end of the event.
This survey can be sent using SMS or mail, or WhatsApp and can include questions that review the former event and an additional list of topics, that the participant will be able to mark which of those they find interesting.
ChatGPT, or similar too, can be used to create the questions - the user will enter the event subject and the tool will suggest relevant questions.
The idea is that after taking part in one of the center’s events, the participants will be motivated and willing to spend a few minutes filling out the survey.
  1. Find a relevant tool that can be used to create such surveys
  1. Understand how to integrate with Coing to get the participants’ details (email/phone number) and, if possible, send the data using it.
  1. Use AI tools to help create relevant survey questions
  1. Create a tool for future users that will allow them to enter the event datils and the tool will suggest relevant questions
  1. Help design the survey
  1. Create, with one of the team members, a sample survey
  1. Write clear guidelines regarding the use of the tool
Social media scraping
The LGBTQ+ center has many followers on Facebook and Instagram.
It is possible to get into those followers’ pages and, using a web scraping tool, find out what are their main topics of interest or even look for a specific topic and check if that topic was raised on many pages in the last few months.
Additional task - find pages and people that are been followed by many of the community.
  1. Understand the exact needs and define what exactly should be looked at during the scrapping (this might be done in advance).
  1. Research relevant tools and find the best one for our needs OR - write a scrapper that can perform the required tasks
  1. Perform relevant scrapping.
  1. Analyze the data that was gathered.
  1. Create a summary document/presentation with the important points that can be learned from the data.