Whatsapp Whisperer מהממ”ת

Whatsapp Whisperer מהממ”ת

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Technical requirements
Whatsapp bot מה מצבנו תותים
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Adi Engel
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Achva works in about 30 campuses across the country and there are 4 national professional communities. There are about 55 whatsapp groups connected to private numbers of managers each year. There are 30 campuses, there is a group for all staff, a silent message group for staff, a group for the leading headquarters staff, a group for each section (logistics, marketing and digital, pedagogy, etc.), four national professional forums + leading management team groups for each forum, etc., etc. About 50+ volunteers this year and counting

What is the problem and its effects?

Difficulty reaching everyone directly, following up, getting insights

Current state

Each campus has a whatsapp group managed by campus leader. Managers do not have access to those groups and don’t know what’s going there or do have access and cant follow up all of them. The manager send the message to group leaders and doesn’t know if it was forwarded. Everyone uses its own private number.

Proposal for solution

Whatsapp bot helping the manager to organize their schedules, set reminders, send notifications and manage to-do lists. Could be add on of data processing
  • Talkman number for Business account participating in all groups
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support (query changes, answers change etc)
  • API to general management system

Metrics for success

  • Ability to get answers for 10 FAQ
  • Ability to send notifications to pre-defined list
  • Ability to see who saw/ did not the message?
  • Ability to add task to calendar

Technical requirements

Ex of repetitive task: There is a form that you fill out - “how are we doing strawberries” מהמ”ת מה מצבנו תותים that can be filled out through the WhatsApp bot. Its results will arrive centrally to the organization with insights, statistics and analytics
  • A WhatsApp bot for reminders and sending links to fill out forms
  • A bot can post in WhatsApp groups of all campuses (talkman/virtual number), you can join all groups, etc.
  • Responding to pre-build FAQ messages (sending to drive location, giving an answer for pre-defined FAQ), sending notifications
  • Bots can help users organize their schedules, set reminders, and manage to-do lists - Connection to google tasks/calendar
  • Ability to follow actions from the team and data processing to some UI (BI?)