Dykeathon 2022
Dykeathon 2022

Dykeathon 2022

Queer Women Hacking LGBTQ+ Issues

As our main sponsor, ironSource will be hosting the hackathon at their offices in @ Azrieli Sarona Menachem Begin Road 121, Tel Aviv-Yafo - 12 Floor. Moovit, Waze (Parking at Azrieli Sarona)
📅  WHEN - April 13th 2022
⏱️  All-day long 10:00-22:00 🕺 After party @ Shpagat 22:00-02:00

What’s the story

We are a group of tech enthusiastic queer women. We all agree that it's time to improve some areas for LGBTQ+ women by using our creative ideas, cooperation, and of course.. technology.
We joined forces with the TLV LGBTQ+ center to organize a queer women's Hackathon! Our event will focus on LGBTQ+ needs in 4 aspects:
  1. Health - Queer people are statistically getting less medical treatment than they need. Our challenge is to make health care more accessible for queer people and to raise awareness among queer people about their medical rights, common medical issues, and LBTQ friendly possibilities of medical care.
  1. Safety - In social media, on the streets, or at our new workplace, we as LGBTQ+ people, feel unsafe from time to time. Our challenge is to make social and public spaces safer for queer people.
  1. Community - There are so many queer people around us. Our challenge is to... Create an actual, living, and kicking community! A proactive one. Driving our community to take action is a data challenge as well as a security one.
  1. Legal - We are in the middle of a cultural revolution about the status of the LGBTQ+ community in society. Generations before ours had to fight with their bare hands for us to be able to invite you all to this Dykeathon event. It’s Our generation's challenge to translate this status into legal precedents and secure the future of the next generations.
What does it have to do with you?
Want to assist with the Dykeathon’s planning and organization? Let us know at: info@dykeathon.com.

Thanks for all our 100+ participants 🥳 

Meet our domain experts and the teams MVPs

Each team chose a domain and got a 30min presentation with the most important challenges in their fields:
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Dr. Ruth Gofen, co-director of Habima Square Clinic, Maccabi's Proud Clinic


Self-monitoring health platform for lesbian and bisexual women*
Team: Yakubov Inna, Shoval Sadde, Rotem Meyers,Maya Elazar, Petel Choen

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Adv. Michal Eden specializes in LGBT rights, Chairman of the LGBT Committee at the Bar


Legal Bureaucracy management tool for LGBTQ+
Help me, sue
App helping you submit claim in small claims court
Team: Maayan Tropper, Noga Shakked, Shinan Loubathon, Roni Zoller, Almog Gal, Liz Polansky
An app for LGBTQ+ people could unit for a class action lawsuit
Team: Shlomtzion Sherki,

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Ayala Azulay, The Authority for Resilience and Social Equality Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality


A social badge for organizations and job seekers
Team: Shelly Bloch, Vika Benderski, Lior Pozailov, Shiran Levy, Shiri Gaber
Reducing bigotry through reflection

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Noa Dagan, The Authority for Resilience and Social Equality Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality


Meet app for queer community using an interactive badge collecting
🥈Big Sister
Mentoring app for LGBTQ+ issues
Team: Noa Shay, Noa Dagan, Areen Mateas, Maya Valentine, Noga Rosenberg, Neta Rot, Yael Afriat
Events for LGBTQ+ community